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Get inspired this spring with our simple Holy Week devotional plan.

What is Holy Week?

Many Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week each spring.

But what is Holy Week exactly?

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Traditionally, Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday marking Jesus’ memorable entry into Jerusalem.

This is followed by Holy Monday (Jesus’ cleansing of the temple), Holy Tuesday (Jesus teaching in parables), and Holy Wednesday (Judas’s betrayal).

Next, is Maundy Thursday for observing the Last Supper and Good Friday where we remember the crucifixion of Jesus.

Finally, the week wraps up with Holy Saturday (Christ’s burial) and of the most important day of all, Easter Sunday, where we celebrate His resurrection!

This week is an important time for Christians to reflect and celebrate!

The Need for a Holy Week Devotional

When I created this mini Holy Week Bible reading plan, it was totally for me, you guys!

I had never walked through the events of Holy Week in real-time and it was something I wanted to do with my kiddos.

While reading these verses and hearing the history of His death and resurrection from the pulpit is important, walking this road at home with my kids was even more essential.

Christians need to dive deep into scripture outside of church.

Holy Week Devotional Series

While I originally wrote this series years ago (as a brand new blogger) this year it has gotten a much-needed facelift!

In this series, I encourage you to read scripture every single day.

However, it only features 4 days worth of devotions (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday).

That said, I hope you get as much out of this Holy Week Bible reading plan as I did when I made it (and again when I updated it).

Palm Sunday (Day 1)

Palm Sunday (March 24, 2024)  is the first day of Holy Week.

To kick things off, dive into the first installment of our Holy Week Bible study.

Palm Sunday Devotional

This simple Palm Sunday devotional includes 6 key bible verses for Palm Sunday as well as a few additional optional passages for Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, and Holy Wednesday.

Starting on day one is essential as this short devotional prepares your heart for the coming days.

Maundy Thursday (Day 2)

Maundy Thursday (March 28th, 2024) is the second official day of our Holy Week devotional series.

It’s strange because many Christians don’t observe most of the days that make up Holy Week, including Maundy Thursday.

This day tends to get overlooked or combined with their church’s Good Friday services.

Honestly, I had never heard of Maundy Thursday until I was preparing to walk through Holy Week with my own children.

Last Supper

While Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all important, I chose to highlight Maundy Thursday as the second day of our Holy Week devotional series.

This simple Maundy Thursday devotional features 10 key Holy Week Bible verses.

Friday (Day 3)

Good Friday (March 29th, 2024) is the third day of our 4 day Holy Week Bible study and it’s typically the second day of Holy Week recognized by most Christians.

The events we remember on this day are some of the most important historical events for Christians.

This dark day in history changed everything, you guys!

Good Friday Devotional

This Good Friday devotional features 7 key Bible verses for Friday as well as a few additional verses for Holy Saturday.

Easter (Day 4)

Easter Sunday (March 31st, 2024) is the final day in our Holy Week reading plan.

This is the day we celebrate most.

Our risen Savior has come to bring hope to us all!

Empty Tomb

This simple Easter Sunday devotional wraps things up for the week by focusing on 9 key verses.

Holy Week Devotional Challenge

In each devotional, I mention the Holy Week challenge and this is it, you guys!

Following along by reading the online devotionals and Easter Bible verses is my challenge for you this week.

Holy Week Challenge

Once you’ve spent time in scripture every day during Holy Week, you might be surprised at how much you crave it after the week is through.

Currently, I’m reading through the entire Bible in a year which means lots of daily reading and it’s so good, you guys!

My time spent reading these scriptures, creating this devotional, and reading through it again set the foundation for my new daily scripture reading habit.

I pray this Easter reading plan will bless you as much as it has blessed me.

Happy Easter, you guys!