With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, this is a common theme right now. From fun whimsical decor spelling out the word lucky across our front doors, to searching for that elusive four-leaf clover that is supposed to have the great magical power of bringing us massive good luck.

What is luck anyway? Just a bunch of random circumstances that may or may not be in our favor? Doesn’t sound very appealing to me. Plus, why exactly do we always depend on things to bring us good fortune anyway? The concept of specific items being our good luck charms is a silly notion when we have God in our side. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for lucky socks, pre-game rituals, blacked eyed peas, and luck themed decorations for the home. However, I don’t actually depend on any of those things for my happiness or fate.

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This is where it’s at you guys! Life isn’t about luck or coincidence. It’s about the wonderful people and experiences we have been blessed with over the course of our days on this earth. I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazing kiddos, a place to call home, 2 cuddly fur babies, food to eat, and clothes on my back. I am blessed beyond measure!

With that said, great blessings also come with great responsibilities… and if I’m being totally honest, those responsibilities are usually followed by a whole lot of chaos! I love my kids more than they could ever comprehend. However, the messes they sometimes leave behind can be overwhelming! I’m not even joking when I say – I am completely overwhelmed with blessings.

Blessings in Disguise

Along with the blessings that are completely obvious, God also blesses us in ways we can’t even begin to understand. Sometimes we simply can’t see over the exhaustion and stress. However, if we change our point of view, we might just see that God has blessed us with new experiences and given us a beautiful reason to rest!

Unfortunately, in this life we will also experience moments of deep grief and sorrow. It can be extremely hard to find the blessings during those difficult times, but hold tight! They are there. We just have to find our resting place in Him, and trust that He will show us in His time.

I'm not lucky, I'm Blessed wood decor

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed

I came across this wooden block while looking at St. Patrick’s day decorations at my local Hobby Lobby store last month. It instantly became my new favorite saying and totally inspired this post. I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. Such a simple truth and a great reminder of all the wonderful ways God has blessed me in this life!

I hope your March hasn’t been completely dependent on luck, but overflowing with blessings instead!

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