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This short and sweet moment was inspired by a simple conversation I had with my mother, while on the way to our local zoo this morning. Our conversation had somewhere taken an interesting turn into coveting what others have.

Life doesn’t always go exactly how we plan and taking the detour can really suck! During those difficult moments, the grass might just appear brighter over in our neighbor, family member, or best friend’s yard. That’s where coveting comes into play.

Towards the end of our conversation, my mom spoke up and said “I just always loved what Grandma used to say”. Now in this particular case, “grandma” means her mother & my grandmother.

My grandma wasn’t a perfect lady by any means, but she had a great big heart and a beautiful sense of humor. I recall her getting such joy out of the most ridiculous, corny jokes I had ever heard in my life. Her laugh was contagious, but so was her kindness. She couldn’t stand to see people suffering or doing without.

What makes this even more amazing is that Grandma’s life wasn’t exactly a glorious one. She lost her husband way too soon, suffered from many health issues, and lived in a house she couldn’t take care of. Grandma was in need, yet she always went out of her way to help someone else!

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Special Memories of Grandma to share with my kidsWhat Grandma said…

With all that said, there was the occasion when Grandma would see that brighter grass on the horizon. Grass that wasn’t hers. Her house wasn’t in the best shape and I recall the many car rides we took through nicer neighborhoods.

Grandma would scan the houses, then all the sudden out came her wrinkled and bent pointer finger. She’d tap on the window saying “I wish I had that house, and they had something better!”. Grandma wanted better things from time to time, but she only wanted them if the people who had them already could get something nicer.

Seriously Though. Who Even Thinks Like That? Apparently Grandma Did.

So as I sit here in my kitchen after an afternoon of errands and grocery shopping. My mind is on my sweet grandma and the simple lessons she taught me without even knowing it!

We live in such a fast paced world. A world where we want the golden egg (and we want it now!). Thinking about those sweet moments with my grandma just reminds me of how important it is to be content in our current situation.

Grandma’s are only a part of our lives for so long. Both mine have been gone for sometime, and today my kids are building similar heartfelt memories with my own mom. A blessing I am incredibly thankful for.

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