Short & Sweet

Confession time! I’m a little bit nosy…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not always purposefully nosy… sometimes it just happens!

It’s funny, because this short and sweet moment came to me by eavesdropping (innocent, I swear) in on a conversation 2 moms were having at our local gymnastics studio. This situation was pure chance, I didn’t purposefully overhear their conversation… but I’m sure glad I did!

I Didn’t Mean to,
But I’m Sure Glad I did!

I was watching my 5 year old daughter jump, swing, drop, and repeat on the gymnastic bars. I was smiling and waving at her, just enjoying the moment. Shortly after, her group ended and they returned to a different area for cool down. I decided to take a quick seat while waiting for her to finish up.

I sat down next to 2 moms that were in mid conversation. They were going on about a little girl that their daughters enjoyed being around. A child that had befriended their girls and made them both feel incredibly welcomed. Then it happened. BOOM!

One of the moms pointed out my daughter by mentioning the outfit she was wearing. My head immediately jerked up. They both agreed she was the girl that both their daughters enjoyed having class with.

I held my composure on the outside, but was crying massive happy tears on the inside. My kid! They were speaking kind, wonderful words about my kid! I can’t even describe how incredibly heartwarming it is to know that my child is out there loving on people and not only do they notice, some actually appreciated it!

Love Like it Matters

My daughter is only 5 years old, yet she has more love in her heart than most full grown adults. It’s incredible to think that a child so tiny, can have a heart so incredibly big. She wants to make sure everyone has a friend, and she always offers to be that friend!

Unfortunately, she’s had to learn the hard way that not everyone feels the same way. She’s been bullied, left out, and purposefully hurt by other children her own age! My heart has broken witnessing these events take place in the past. However, it’s been so wonderful to watch her overcome, press forward, and find true friends worth having!

So many young children are being taught hate, when we are naturally born to love. This seems completely backwards to me! If only the world could love like my daughter loves. There would be no in crowd, no outcast. Our lives wouldn’t be filled with hate, shaming, bullying, and pain. We would all refer to each other as family and as friend! There would be no need for competition, because we would all be cheering each other on!

I sometimes wish the world was only filled with smart, compassionate, loving (and maybe even a little bit sassy) 5 year olds. Just imagine how much fun that would be?

Not Mine to Take

I would love to say that my daughter’s great big heart came from me. However, I’m not sure that’s even remotely close to the truth.

Aside from my daughter, I also have 2 boys. Both of which have a deep love for others as well. My oldest shows his love in the little things. He can’t go to sleep at night without a hug and kiss on the cheek for Mom. It melts my heart because he says he just can’t sleep unless it’s done. This kid also loves to make people laugh and smile, wherever we end up. The cashiers at our local grocery store know him well and he’s confided in me that he just loves making their day!

My middle son is active and busy, but when it comes right down to it, he’s incredibly compassionate. He feels deep sorrow when he lets someone down, hurts their feelings, or makes them miss out. His apologetics are so incredibly heartfelt, that I end up crying right along with him. He grieves when others grieve and tries to offer comfort in times of struggle. His tenderness never ceases to amazes me!

Love and compassion comes in many different forms…

I have 3 kids who show it in 3 very different ways. It’s incredible! I seriously wish I could take credit for all of these wonderful traits that my kids exhibit. However, the credit isn’t mine to take!

I’m stubborn, impatient, and sometimes way too quick to judge. Only our Heavenly Father gets the credit on this one. He seriously rocked it when He formed my babies, and I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be their momma!

I hope you can take a moment to show love to someone today! Let’s fill the world with compassionate 5 year olds, both figuratively and literally!

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