Day One
Psalm 3:3-4

Dive deep into the Psalms with me. Today we are focusing on Psalm 3:3-4!

30 days of Psalms - Psalm 3:3-4

It’s a Crazy Life…

I absolutely love the idea of reading scripture daily, but let’s be honest, life is crazy! There are days that the sun is shining and I just know everything is going to go my way. I’m going to get ahead on my journaling, manage to keep the laundry pile down, and of course fit my daily scriptures in. Then bam! It happens. My 5 year old wants to play, everything that could possibly get spilled does, and I have to run some unexpected errands.

Before I even know it, my day has vanished and I never even thought to crack open my bible. For this reason alone, I wanted to do a series of daily scripture readings that busy moms can easily incorporate into their routines.

Each reading will be followed up with a “short and sweet”. These short and sweets are my take on the daily verse and how I have chosen to dwell on it throughout the day. Lastly, we we will end with a quick call to action. This call to action will be a simple prayer of thanks or asking for our needs to be met, or just a reminder to trust in the one who made us all.

Psalm 3:3-4

Short & Sweet
Psalm 3:3-4

I hope you enjoyed the first encouraging Psalm about our loving Heavenly Father this month. Feel free to comment below if one of these verses touches your heart.

While going through the Psalms, this is the first verse that really stuck out to me. It’s wonderful to think about and yet so easily forgotten when things are going our way. God is our shield, always. He protects us in ways that we can’t even begin to understand! If we truly lift our voices to him, he will hear our cries.

God can send comfort in the most difficult times, we just need to be receptive. He is mighty and all knowing, never failing and always present. Rest in that today.

Call to Action

Spend some time talking with the Heavenly Father today. Ask Him to remind you of some of the ways he has provided for, taken care of, or protected you. Jot them down in a notebook or on a piece of paper and tell Him thank you for the reminder!

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