Life is Hard

I’m not going to sugar coat it, life is just plain hard sometimes and there will always be situations we don’t plan, or care for. However, the way we respond to those situations and the thoughts we allow to enter our minds are something we have complete control over.  I hope the inspirational moments I share with you here can help combat the difficulties that might arise in your life.

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The Unexpected Trial

Life can be messy, but in all honestly it’s a beautiful mess. I absolutely love the concept of seeing beauty in everything. When things aren’t going in the direction I had hoped, I’m reminded of the Casting Crowns song “Just be Held”. There is an incredible line in there that reads “And not a tear is wasted in time, you’ll understand I’m painting beauty with the ashes, your life is in My hands”. This song is just a wonderful reminder that we don’t always see the big picture when it comes to this overwhelming thing called life.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we will go through periods of grief and have heavy crosses to bear, but we can rest in the fact that God is always in control.  He has our backs today, tomorrow, and forever. God knows our story from beginning to end. Our tears are never wasted. They are so incredibly meaningful.

Difficult or simple, everything we go through has a purpose. A purpose we may never come to understand until we are called home, but a purpose still. God is truly painting beauty with the ashes and our lives are in HIS hands.

Find Your Inspiration

Music has this amazing ability to inspire me. If I’m crazy tired and turn on some great upbeat music, I am immediately overcome with motivation to get up and do something. Music really affects my mood, which if I’m honest, can affect my entire day. If I were constantly listening to music that was filled with negativity or violent lyrics, I can only imagine the negative impact it would have not only on my day, but my entire life.

That’s why I choose music with strong, uplifting Christian or wholesome messages. I value my faith and I think that the things I let enter my mind should reflect that. If I continually choose the world and it’s overpowering negativity, I won’t be able to grow and find the beauty in this life. However, if I choose inspiring lyrics, I too might just end up being inspired!

Inspiration doesn’t just come in the form of music though. Daily scripture readings, simple bible studies, wholesome fiction books, and uplifting movies are all great ways to get inspired, feel compassion, and see the beauty in this life. Some of my favorite movies are the ones about people who have overcome adversity and trials only to flourish and excel.

Sadly, the stories of intense hope and perseverance aren’t always considered a “best seller” these days though. Most new books and movies are filled with hate, sex, violence, and cursing because people want adventure in their lives, so the world delivers and boy does it ever! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good adventure every now and again too. With that said, I’m very cautious on what I will view and allow to enter my home.

Guard your thoughts

I know it’s not incredibly common, in fact it’s downright unheard of in today’s society. However, we actually don’t Netflix or YouTube in our house. We use our local library and always check out content reviews on new movies before we watch. Not only does this save us money, but it also helps keep negativity and unnecessary content from creeping it’s way into our home and our minds.

Protecting our thought life is a great start to finding inspiration. Digging deeper and finding the exact things that keep you inspired can be slightly trickier. While I enjoy most inspirational and uplifting things, my personal daily needs are met through music and scripture. When these needs aren’t met, I definitely feel it.

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Pressing forward

From uplifting quotes to meaningful bible scriptures, I’m so excited that I get the privilege to share some great inspirational moments with you! I hope each and every one of you can find beauty in the difficult moments, be uplifted on a daily basis, and find your very own inspiration.

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