First Birthdays

The iconic first birthday. It represents so many things!

Your child has gone from this tiny, helpless little baby, to a jabbering, playing, fast paced toddler! How in the world does time go by so incredibly fast??

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. She was tiny and adorable. She wasn’t quite walking, but was definitely cruising around without momma’s help. We decorated the house with tiny sparkly butterflies, did the smash cake thing, and watched as she opened gifts.

The snow kept most of our guests away, but we had an amazing time anyway. We celebrated an entire year with our sweet baby girl! Then, just like that… bam! She turned 5. I barely blinked and my baby had become a kid.

Other than my 5 year old daughter, I also have 2 boys. I have a 13 year old son and a 10 year old who will be turning 11 in just 2 days! With his birthday fast approaching, it has me thinking about all his past birthdays.

They feel like they happened just yesterday, yet they also feel so incredibly long ago! I feel like the time with my babies is slipping away. One day they will be adults and won’t need me like they do today. So very bittersweet!

A Peanut Butter Birthday

Ha! So, sweet memories aside, my mind is also being consumed by the planning of a peanut butter birthday. What exactly is a peanut butter birthday, anyway?? I don’t even know, yet I have to magically produce one in just a couple days!

We homeschool, so birthdays are always a day off from school. The birthday kid gets to pick the meals, a theme for decorating, and something fun to do!

My kids aren’t used to great big parties, so we usually keep it pretty simple around here. Typical themes in the past have been star wars, Disney princesses, and other random characters they were currently into at the moment. Easy, right?

Activities they tend to pick are movies at home, board game days, or going to the park. Again, super simple!

This year my (almost) 11 year old decided to throw me a giantcurve ball and ask for a peanut butter birthday. He told me he wanted a peanut butter cake and the rest was up to me. Gee, thanks kid!

What am I supposed to do with that?! I’ve been wracking my brain, and after a quick trip to target, I came home with nothing but a birthday banner and a bag full of peanuts. This will certainly be the most unique birthday party we have had to date.

I’m honestly not even sure how it will turn out at this point, but there is one thing I do know… Birthday boy will love it!

I’m so incredibly grateful to have kids that appreciate and love whatever I do for them on their birthdays!

I recently spent some time digging through my recipes and found my grandpa’s homemade peanut butter frosting recipe, so this will definitely be a birthday to remember!

I’m super excited to share one of my favorite desserts as a child, with my very own children.

Birthday blessings

I don’t know what birthdays look like in your house. Here they are simple, yet totally amazing.

We get to spend an entire day devoted to celebrating one person in our family! The way it should be (in my opinion). It’s not about fancy gifts, lavish parties, or the most amazing delicacies we’ve ever eaten. It’s all about a single person and their presence in our lives.

What an incredible blessing it is to get to celebrate another birthday of a loved one! I look forward to celebrating the experience of yet another birthday blessing this week when my middle child turns 11, peanut butter and all!

Have a favorite birthday memory with your kids? Share it below!

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