Day Seventeen
Psalm 69:5

Let’s keep going! Join me as we continue to dive into scripture – let’s read Psalm 69:5!

31 Days of Scripture Psalms Day 17

Be True to Who You Are

In life it can be so incredibly easy to put on a mask and pretend to be something we aren’t. With social media, photo filters, and lavish products, we can slather ourselves with fake and put on a show everyone would easily believe. Does this really benefit us though? Or is it simply hurting our self esteem and ruining our relationships? Think on it for a moment.

The one thing our Lord truly desires is for us to be close to Him. True to who we are and completely open and raw in our faith, relying only on Him and laying our complete burdens down at His feet. Falsifying who are are by putting on layers of makeup and covering up our true hearts, constant sin, and deep emotions, not only hurts our relationships with our earthly family and friends, but also with our Heavenly Father.

While, today is more focused on inward appearance and openness, outward appearance can definitely be a true struggle as well. If you struggle with outward appearance on either end of the spectrum, I highly encourage you to check out Appearance and the Homeschool Mom. Where I share my reasons for devoting time to my outward appearance, but also why I choose to do it modestly.

Psalm 69:5

Short & Sweet
Psalm 69:5

God knows everything. While for some people that might seem like a terrifying concept, for me it’s actually wonderful. He knows my inner most being. He knows every temptation, every sin. This makes crying out to Him in my foolish, broken, and completely irrational moments that much easier. Nothing is hidden from the one who truly knows our hearts.

Call to Action

Don’t cover your self up and hide who you truly are from our Lord. He knows all and sees all. Truly open your heart up to Him today and begin that process of being bare before Him. I also encourage you to take some time and open up to those nearest you. Show them your heart, desires, struggles, and even your failures!

Begin working on being a truer to you, you! Be vulnerable. Be open. Don’t be afraid to show weakness or ask for help! Let down that guard with your spouse, friends, family, and most importantly the Lord.