Psalm 46:1

Let’s jump straight into today’s verse shall we? Join me in reading Psalm 46:1.

31 Days of Scripture Psalms Day 14

Seek Refuge

Where do you go to seek shelter and refuge when a terrible storm is approaching your home? Maybe you gather your children and huddle under a stairwell. Or perhaps you have a personal storm shelter built deep into the ground in your backyard. Either way, you have a designated area that you feel safest in during those times of trouble.

While having a physical place to run to during moments of distress or danger are incredibly important for the protection of your family… You also need a spiritual place to seek refuge. Do you turn to Him when you are feeling overwhelmed or scared? Is He your first go to when the storm comes raging in from nowhere?

Need help seeking Him on a daily basis? Just starting the Psalms journey with us? Try giving your spiritual life a little jump-start by starting at DAY ONE of our 31 day journey!

Psalm 46:1

Short & Sweet
Psalm 46:1

A simple truth – Today’s moment is definitely a short and sweet one. God is our refuge and complete source of strength. Without Him we are all just simply a bunch of broken people with absolutely no hope of a better life. He is ever present and our constant help in times of struggle.

Call to Action

When you find yourself in the midst of the storm, run to Him first! Rely on the One and only who gave you life.

I encourage you to spend some quality time thanking Him and asking Him for direction in your day to day walk. Allow God to lead you and show you His ultimate will. Then, when trouble strikes, be ready! Fall on your knees and allow the Creator of all things to hold you in His arms. Find comfort and seek refuge in Him today. Feeling discouraged right now? I encourage you to check out this inspiring devotional about Discovering Hope in the Psalms.