Psalm 147:5

Today we are reading Psalm 147:5 – let’s get started.

31 Days of Scripture Psalms Day 30

End of an Era

We all come to those crossroads in our life where we truly feel like we are experiencing the ‘end of an era‘… Have you ever been in that place? It not, it will come my friend. Sometimes these moments come with a plethora of difficult emotions such as sadness, insecurities, and longing.

However, other times they are filled with a strange mixture of happiness, sadness, and that overwhelming feeling I like to call bittersweet. I’ve had quite a few of these moments in my life recently. While some have been easy and welcoming, others have been extremely difficult and hard to overcome.

What should we do when moments like these arise without warning? It’s hard to have a full understanding when we can’t always see the big picture. My only comfort in these times, is that I know with out a doubt that my God has a plan. Stuck in a crossroads or finding your self at what feels like the end of an era? Take some time to study scripture today and rest in Him my friend.

Ready for today’s verse? Dive on in! Not quite ready? Want to start over with us on DAY ONE instead? No problem! Need ideas on how to fit more scripture into your daily routine? Check out Mom’s Coffee Break to find out how I make it a priority in my home.

Psalm 147:5

Short & Sweet
Psalm 147:5

What a simple reminder for today. Our Lord is not only great, but He is also incredibly powerful! He sees all, understands all, and knows all. In those difficult moments when we just don’t understand, Got sees the full picture. His understanding truly is infinite. Wonderful isn’t’ it? Trust in Him today.

Call to Action

Let’s finish our 31 day Psalm journey off strong. Be bold in your faith and fully dependent on the One who created all of us. There is none other more capable of handling our trials than He is. Take a moment to thank Him for his grace. Thank Him for knowing the big picture, even when we don’t! God has our best interest at heart, always. Spend time with Him today.