Living a Life of Gratitude

November is a popular time for all things gratitude.

From gratitude activities to daily gratitude social media posts.


While showing our gratitude during the holiday season truly is a wonderful idea, wouldn’t it be even better if we started showing that gratitude right now instead?

What if, starting today, we chose to be grateful always?

5 Gratitude Quotes from the Heart

If working towards showing gratitude during the holidays and beyond is your goal, these encouraging and inspirational gratitude quotes can help motivate you to get started now and keep going all year long.

Appreciate Everything

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

This simple gratitude quote is close to my heart, you guys.

I personally have a small wooden sign that features this quote and I choose to display it near the entrance of our RV as a part of our home command center.

In today’s society, expecting nothing while appreciating what we already have is almost unheard of.

Expect Nothing Gratitude Quote

With that said, taking the time to appreciate what we already have without expecting even more, and more, and more is the first step to becoming grateful.

So, take some time today to truly appreciate your surroundings, the people in your life, and all the blessings you’ve experienced throughout the years.

Then, when something new and amazing does come along, instead of expecting that blessing, you can accept it with a heart of thanksgiving instead.

What We Have is Enough

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Yes, yes, yes!

It’s so incredibly easy to look at your neighbor, your friend, or even a close relative who seems to have it all together and wish or wonder, why can’t I have that?

Especially with all the picture-perfect social media posts that give us an unrealistic view of everyone else’s life.

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

Starting down the dark path of wanting what someone else has or wondering why we can’t have something similar for ourselves is the opposite of having a grateful heart, you guys.

So, starting today, take a long hard look at your own life.

Get off social media, stop obsessing about what you don’t have, and focus on what you do.

From your home to the people you share life with, there is always, always something to be thankful for.

The second step to having a grateful heart is knowing that what we have is enough.

Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude changes everything.

While all these wonderful gratitude quotes are meaningful and true, I definitely feel like this one is the most powerful.

Once we truly experience what it means to be grateful, everything in our lives will change.

From the way we react when something doesn’t go our way to the way we treat our loved ones.

Gratitude Changes Everything

Life is hard and sometimes it’s challenging to see the beauty during the struggle.

However, if we can practice gratitude during the highs and the lows, our entire deminer and way of thinking will change for the better.

If you’re currently in a difficult season, cling to these words today!

Having gratitude doesn’t mean your life will be perfect, but it truly has the power to change everything.

Where Gratitude Begins

The struggle ends when gratitude begins. 

I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t include this quote because I truly feel like it can be taken incorrectly.

Life is filled with an endless supply of struggles.

The Struggle Ends Gratitude Quote

As nice as it sounds, showing gratitude towards someone or working towards having a grateful heart and attitude does not mean we will never face another struggle in our life.

It simply means this: When we truly choose gratitude, somehow we become strong enough to let go of the pain, the fear, and the struggles by focusing on the things we are thankful for.

For example, if you struggle with broken relationships, living situations, finances, or failing health, instead of focusing on the battle choose to be thankful for what or who those situations have brought into your life.

Be thankful for the struggle.

The Best Attitude

Gratitude is the best attitude.

Last, but certainly not least, the simplest gratitude quote of them all!

I truly feel like this one needs no explanation or breakdown, you guys.

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Having a grateful heart automatically means your attitude will be lifted.

Gratitude truly is the best attitude, you guys!

Using Gratitude Quotes

These simple gratitude quotes can be saved, printed, and used over and over again!

Feel free to use them in your home, on social media, or by sharing them with others.

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