Jesus and Depression

Two words that most people wouldn’t likely use in the same sentence are Jesus and depression.

However, as a Christian who falls into that deep pit, I know just how important is it to bring these 2 words together.

Jesus, my savior + depression, my battle.

Jesus + Depression

Being alive in Christ while suffering from depression isn’t an oxymoron, because it truly can be someone’s reality, you guys.

While Jesus is a steadfast constant in my life, so can my depression.

Yes, I love Jesus.

Yes, he’s all I need.

No, knowing that doesn’t fix my depression.

There are days that I wake up with a song in my heart and the motivation to do all the things.

Then, there are the days when depression decides to rear its ugly head, creeping in with the intention of completely consuming me.

If I’m being brutally honest, this dark day can easily turn into days or even weeks.

Struggling with Depression as a Christian

Thankfully, as a Christian who’s suffering from depression, I will always have Him to lean on during my darkest days.

This is an incredible blessing because no one can overcome anything in this life alone.

You are Not Alone

That said, I know that many Christians tend to face this battle behind closed doors, suffering silently.

So, I write this to you, the depressed Christian, from a personal corner of my heart that most people don’t see or know about.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned from my battle while offering hope for yours.

3 Things Christian Depression Isn’t

While depression is a lot of things, it’s also not a lot of things.

Depression can be linked to chemical imbalances, several mental illnesses, traumatic events, grieving, changing seasons, and stress.

Typically there are either a lot of emotions involved with bouts of depression or sometimes a complete lack of emotion.

Either way, whatever the cause or look of your depression, there are 3 major things your depression likely isn’t.

  • It’s Not a Faith Battle

Affirm this one by reading it out loud.

My depression is not a faith battle.

Bible and Coffee

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard a Christian say that someone shouldn’t be depressed because they have Jesus and if they are depressed, they must not be saved.

Christians who have never struggled with depression are so quick to judge those who fight this battle.

Their flawed thought process states loud and clear that if someone has Jesus in their life they should be happy, right?


I have Jesus. He’s my savior, my comforter, and the one I lean on when I’m suffering in those deep dark corners of depression.

It’s Him I seek daily. He is the one who sits with me as I cry and He is the one who ultimately pulls me out in the end.

While yes, being His brings me a level of Joy I simply can’t explain, it still doesn’t mean I’m always happy and never depressed.

I don’t battle with my faith during my episodes of depression, I lean on my faith to get me through it.

  • It’s Not an Excuse

Those who don’t know firsthand what depression as a Christian is like, won’t get this one.

My depression is not an excuse to be lazy or mean.

Depressed Christian Church Pews

I decided to break this one into 2 parts.

First, I know those who don’t fight this battle can easily view my depression as me making excuses when that’s not the case

Second, I know firsthand that I have at times used my depression to excuse my poor behavior.

That said, both are 2 totally different things that I hope I can bring to light properly.

I’m Not Using My Depression as an Excuse

Those who don’t fight this battle tend to think that Christians suffering from depression are using that struggle as an excuse to get out of serving, fellowshipping, or even worshiping.

My own family members have expressed this disappointment to me.

What they don’t know is that depression can completely consume a person, stealing their motivation, their feelings, and their energy.

I just came out of a deep depression where I literally couldn’t leave my bed for days.

The house cleaning, my work, and even the homeschooling simply didn’t happen.

I wanted to be able to do those things but every time I tried to crawl out of bed to do them, something would set me off, and back to bed I would go.

I wish I had a magic wand that could show my family just how much I care and how much I want to be involved in the mundane but there are days I just can’t.

I’m not using my depression as an excuse to be lazy.

My Depression is not an Excuse for Poor Behavior

While I don’t use my depression as an excuse to skip certain tasks or to be lazy, I have been known to exhibit poor attitudes and behavior while being depressed.

Then, because I’m struggling, I allow myself to excuse that behavior because I’m depressed.

I can’t excuse my behavior because of my depression.

I have to be brutally honest here, you guys. I’ve been downright mean and nasty because I can’t see past my own pain and I’m not proud of it.

When I’m in that dark place I’ve been known to snap over the stupidest little things.

While I don’t always feel I’m in the right emotional state to deal with people or apologize for my actions while I’m depressed, I make it a point to talk it out as soon as I can.

My depression is not an excuse to treat others poorly.

  • It’s Not the End

While it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the battle, there is an end, and it’s not in your depression.

Through prayer, fasting, crying, eating, and all the other things I use to cope with my depression I can still have the hope that this state I’m in will not be the end.

It won’t be the end of me.

The one thing that makes depression seem slightly less of a heavy burden is the fact that one day I know all of this will pass away.

The pain will be gone, the suffering, and yes, even my depression.

Since depression isn’t the end and we have hope for something so beyond our comprehension, we can push through the dark days of this life knowing that one day we will rest in His arms and these things simply won’t matter anymore.

Having this ultimate hope is what pushes me through.

That said, I know that sometimes that hope can have a reverse effect making a depressed Christian wish that time would come even sooner.

Depressed Christians and non-Christians alike have taken their lives due to depression.

However, I’d like to believe that Christians are less likely to take that route simply because they do have this eternal hope in Jesus.

That said, if you or someone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicide I strongly encourage you to get in touch with the Christians In Crisis Hotline where you can connect with someone who can help!

Depression will not be the end of me.

Hope for Depressed Christians

One of the best places to seek hope when you’re depressed is the Bible.

I pray that these bible verses of hope will help lead you into battle, giving you victory over your struggle.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

1 Peter 57 Christian Depressed

Psalm 3418a Christian Depressed

Coping Methods for Depressed Christians

Being a Christian, depressed and broken at the same time, can be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to find coping mechanisms that work.

For me, listening to music, fasting, crying, and being alone with Him are the main things that get me out of that pit.

However, for you, it may be exercising, writing, or getting out of the house.

Whatever your method of choice, make it a point to keep Him in it.