7 Simple Ways to Fit Daily Prayer
into Your Busy Routine…

Find yourself struggling to fit daily prayer into your busy mom schedule? Daily prayer should never be an overwhelming task! Learn how to sneak in simple prayers throughout your entire day, every single day.

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  • #1 Pray In The Shower

Daily Prayer Tips Alone Time (4)As a busy homeschool mom, I know how hard it can be to fit that daily shower in… especially when you have little ones that need constant care and attention! With that said, I’m past that challenging stage in motherhood and showers are much easier for me to squeeze in on a daily basis.

This is why I consider praying in the shower an essential part of my daily prayer routine!

If you have multiple children, noise and chaos just comes with the territory!

Sometimes my only safe and quiet spot to pray is in the morning hours – is in the shower! It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s a total no brainier. 

Struggling to get your daily shower in because you are in that trying stage of motherhood where little ones need your constant care? Try getting up early, staying up late, utilizing nap times, or asking your spouse to care for the little ones while you focus on some much needed daily prayer time and self care!

  • #2 Pray in the Car

Daily Prayer Tips While Driving (3)Quiet car rides were made for praying, you guys!!

I know what you’re thinking though… do quiet car rides even exist when you have kids or homeschool? Ha! I seriously wonder the same thing most days!

However, there are those rare occasions I’m driving alone or my kids are strangely silent in the back seat. When those moments arise, steal them away and use them as a personal prayer time!

While those times are perfect for fitting your personal daily prayer in, they aren’t always realistic or possible!

Some car rides are filled with crying babies, bickering children, talkative preteens, or scary almost mishaps… but you know what? Those can be the perfect time for prayer as well!

Those difficult car ride moments can bring on feelings of frustration, worry, or despair and prayer will always, always be a good idea in those trying situations!

  • #3 Pray in the Bathroom

Yup, I went there! I’m totally talking about praying while on the toilet. GASP!

Sounds controversial, but it’s totally not.

Seriously though, just think about this for one minute before completely dismissing it!

If God knows our inner most being and still loves us, I’m pretty sure he won’t give us the shaft for talking to him during our quiet bathroom moments.

Now, if you’re anything like me… I can rarely escape to the bathroom without a child knocking on the door seeking some type of assistance.

However, there are the rare quiet moments where I find myself alone in the quiet. My number one go to isn’t scrolling on a phone or reading… it’s praying. 

Would it be weird if I said some of my most serious conversations with God happen in the bathroom? Cause it’s totally true, you guys!

  • #4 Pray With Your Kids

While I wouldn’t consider this a personal prayer time, this is still a great way to connect with the Heavenly Father (and your children) throughout the day!

Daily prayer time with kids doesn’t have to be a time consuming or overwhelming activity. However, it can be a wonderful opportunity for opening up deeper discussions and building those important relationships and bonds!

Not sure how to fit daily prayer with your kids into your busy schedule? Try keeping it simple by praying first thing in the morning hours or at bedtime each night.

Once you’ve gotten routine down, simply ask God to show you the little moments throughout the day where prayer could easily be fit in with individual children or together as a group. Start watching for those moments – they will come. Then, be willing to stop right where you are and pray out loud with your children.

Looking for more unique ways to pray with your kids? Check out this Simple Prayer Challenge for Kids (coming soon)

  • #5 Pray With Your Spouse

Again, not what I would consider to be a personal daily prayer time… but still very essential! As a busy homeschool mom, it’s incredibly easy for me to check out after bedtime routines are done and put things like praying with my spouse on the back burner.

If you cant be consistent with praying after kids are in bed, try asking your spouse to pray with you at the beginning of your day or when they arrive home from work in the evening!

If you’re anything like me, you might prefer your spouse to lead in this area. If so, simply open up to your spouse and tell them that you need them to initiate prayer with you throughout the day.

Pray for them and their ability to fulfill this role in your personal quiet time and be patient when remind them! Change takes time, but it’s so worth it in the end!

#6 Pray While Cleaning

Daily Prayer Tips During Chores (2)If you’ve exhausted all your other daily prayer time options, you can definitely fit this one in!

Seriously though. The kids will follow mom to the bathroom, but no one ever follows mom into the laundry room, am I right?!? This is where hard work is done and if your kids are anything like mine, they won’t step foot inside unless they absolutely have to.

When you sneak away to toss that next load it, stay for an extra minute or two and lift your praises and worries up to Him! Easy. Peasy.

Don’t do laundry every day? Try praying over the dishes or while vacuuming!

We all know housework is never ending… so that should mean our daily prayer options are literally endless, you guys!

#7 Pray Over Coffee

Daily Prayer Tips Over Coffee (1)Um, yes please! This is 100% my favorite way to squeeze daily prayer in!

Give me a soft blanket, a puppy to snuggle, and a warm cup of coffee – yep, I’m totally golden!

Looking for simple ways to squeeze in your Coffee Break? Try getting up before the kids to have your quiet time in the early morning hours or plan a simple quiet time for your children in the afternoon – I’m not a morning person, so this is my number one go to!

Other Ways to Pray Daily

  • Through favorite songs & scriptures
  • By journaling or creating art
  • Starting a prayer chain with friends or loved ones
  • Setting reminders on your phone for specific prayers
  • Putting a simple list of people to pray for on your fridge

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