Good Friday

Good Friday is the day we set aside in remembering the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior. A blameless, completely sinless, perfect Son of God that died in the place of a murderer… died in the place of all of us! Jesus suffered terrible beatings, a horrible mocking and an excruciating death, but for what? For us! It’s so hard to even wrap my head around he fact that someone could love me that much.

While the world went dark and our Lord died, no one had any clue what was coming next. This is just one piece of the incredible story you guys. 3 days later a risen Savior would give the world a reason to hope and a reason to celebrate! I’m so incredibly thankful for my Lord and His ultimate sacrifice.

Easter challenge

I hope you’ve been following the Easter Challenge this week and walking through these events with your children. Today my family read from the book of Mark, verses 33-36. If you’re just now joining in on this journey, you easily start from the beginning by reading A Love Undeserved.Good Friday Mark 15:33-39

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